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Mike Aron

strategic innovator.

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I'm Mike, a strategic innovator.

As a results-driven finance leader with 11+ years of experience, I blend creative problem-solving, cross-functional collaboration, and innovative strategy development to drive growth and transformation. Passionate about emerging technologies like AI and prompt engineering, I excel in leading diverse teams and managing large-scale initiatives across both corporate and entrepreneurial ventures.

Mike as a Word Cloud

Emerging Technologies

Cross-functional Collaboration

Creative Entrepreneurship

Process Improvement

Visual Storytelling

Predictive Forecasting

Strategic Leadership

Innovation Management

Business Transformation

Brand Strategy

Organization Growth

Technological Advancements

Financial Expertise

AI & Machine Learning

Pricing Strategy

Design Thinking

Continuous Learning

Risk Mitigation

Post-Merger Integration

Commercial Photography

Driving Business Transformation: Fusing Strategic Finance, Technological Innovation, and Creative Vision to Accelerate Growth and Deliver Results.

Level up your business with fresh ideas and creative solutions.

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