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Catoctin Creek

"Art of The Cocktail" Shoot

Create high-quality cocktail images that can be leveraged for marketing and promotional content for Catoctin Creek's  "Art of the Cocktail" class. Cocktails were all shot at an in-home bar to portray the look and feel of an elevated at-home cocktail experience.

Tiki Thai

High-end & Tiki Cocktails

Create a set of images highlighting the atmosphere of the bar area featuring the high-end and Tiki cocktails on the menu. Images planned to be used across all digital platforms, and print, for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Sense of Thai St.

Select Menu Shoot

Create high-quality food photography images of select items on the menu showcasing the quality of food and atmosphere of the restaurant. Images to be used across all digital platforms, including print. 

Rosendale Collective

Desert Showcase

Create a variety of images highlighting the various desert options for Rosendale Collective's Loudoun County restaurant/marketplace, Roots 657. Images to be used as part of marketing and promotional campaign.

Loudoun Brewing

"What goes in your beer?"

Create a unique image showcasing one of Loudoun Brewing's beers, juxtaposing what your beer looks like as a finished product and what goes into it. Image was created for promotional content and to be used across all platforms including social media, digital, and print.

Catoctin Creek

High-end Whiskey Shoot

Create a variety of high-end images of Catoctin Creek's whisky products. Images to be used as part of promotional content and advertising campaign.

Loudoun Brewing

Old Glory DC Collaboration

Image created as part of Loudoun Brewing x Old Glory DC Rugby collaboration. Image created for broadcast television and was aired on NBC Sports Washington during the Old Glory x Houston Rugby game.

Magnolias at the Mill

High-end Food Menu Shoot

Create a set of images capturing the high-end updated menu for Magnolias at the Mill. Also capture headshots of key staff and chefs to be used on digital platforms. Images to be used for marketing campaign.

Rosendale Collective

Father's Day Box Promo

Create a variety of images for new Fathers Day Food Boxes as part of promotional campaign for Father's Day 2021. Images to be used across all platforms including social media, digital and print.