2021 Photography Print Vision

Updated: Feb 16

Since March of 2020, much of the world has been in lockdown. For photographers, this has meant a change in the way we work. Travel has been off the cards, which has put a damper on photography. In saying this, for my existing clients, it has been a welcome opportunity to focus more on their products. As people turn online, having a presence on their website is now more important than ever. Plus, many clients obtaining prints of my work have also risen as they are spending more time in their home offices.

Tree Tunnel Print - Kauai, Hawaii

Looking at your home office, do you have any inspiration to keep you motivated?

Potomac River Sunset - Loudoun County, Virginia

For many people, their offices are crammed in the internal areas of the home. With nothing to look at other than a screen and blank walls, being in the home office can be as depressing as sitting in traffic. To lighten the mood, provide respite and inspiration, all you may need to do is jazz up the space with a high-quality print. Photographs outside the world can stimulate a mind to release dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. For many stuck inside, this is the break they need.

Our Vision for Prints in 2021

Photography is a unique art form that translates a photographer's vision to a broader audience. The feeling of seeing your own work printed and hung in a gallery, displayed in a workplace or within someone's home can be an exhilarating experience for many professional photographers. It's why we get up in the morning each day, and it's why we dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional wide-format prints on luster paper, metal, and canvas for all our clients.

TA Moulton Barn Print - Grand Teton National Park

Our professional printing sorts out all of the soft proofing, color management, printing, and delivery, so you'll never have to worry about the quality of photos when they arrive at your home. As a long standing professional photographer, I understand the importance of producing flawless work for clients. Therefore, I aim to provide my clients with fine art printing that is accessible, affordable, and offers exquisite quality.

What People Are Saying About Our Prints When They Purchase Artwork For The Office or Home

We get such a thrill when we can provide imagery into someone's home. During the great lockdown, it's now more important to feel connected to the world. Providing a way for people to reconnect with nature when they can't go outside has been inspiring for me as an artist. Listening to their comments once their selected print arrives also keeps me motivated to keep going. Here's what some of them have said:

AMAZING customer service and FASTEST shipping ever!! I got this print within a couple days, which was way before I told the seller I needed it. He made sure it arrived in time. Thank you thank you!! - Angela, January 2021

The photo arrived on my doorstep 2 days after I ordered it! aka impressively quick response time. The photo is STUNNING and was packaged very carefully to preserve the integrity of it! I could not be more pleased - Looks great framed in a grey wood frame. 10/10 would recommend! - Carissa, July 2020

Big Sky Resort - Big Sky, Montana

Our Range Includes Landscape, Aerial, Automotive, Architecture, and Urban Prints

Over the years, I've been fortunate to have visited several bucket list locations. Having a camera with me during these times has led to a body of work that covers some of the most iconic places in America, Canada, and Hawaii. From Zion National Park to Moraine Lake, I've made sure my collection includes affordable prints from the places everyone loves. In addition to this, my commercial, automotive work has provided a rare opportunity to photograph some of the most prestigious cars. So if you have a love for cars, chances are I have the print of your dream car to match.

Smoky Mountain Sunset - Smoky Mountain National Park

Our Ethical Printing Approach Leads to Affordable Prints for Your Home Office

At Mike Aron Visuals, it is important to think about sustainability when printing. When printing your photograph, we ensure wastage is kept to a minimum. In addition to this, we only use certified materials.

The sustainable printing workflow we have developed provides a cost-saving approach for excess print waste and ink cartridge recycling. These corporate social responsibility goals mean we can pass on savings to our clients while helping the environment. The result is an affordable quality print that's easy to hang on your home office wall.

Ethical printing is important to us. Our sustainable approach ensures we minimize waste by strategically laying out designs before a print run to cut down on paper-burn. Plus, our specialist team only uses the largest ink cartridges to maximize each use.

We review our equipment and color management for each photograph before every job to ensure a high-quality standard. Because of this process, each artwork will contain a broad range of colors produced from accurate color proofs at the time of delivery. It's why we can say we produce gallery-quality prints.

Smoky Mountain God Beams - Smoky Mountain National Park

What Printer Do We Use?

Mike Aron Visuals only uses one of the highest grade wide format printers to produce prints. We focus on color management as it is key to producing the highest possible print.

Our sustainable approach ensures we print ethically.

We use the latest software within our facility and ensure the printer matches to produce the highest color printing technology. The artwork produced is ultra-high in resolution and portrays an incredible color gamut. It's no wonder our clients love the quality we provide because the printer uses multiple ink tank configurations to ensure we gain the highest Pantone coverage.

Would You Like To Learn More?

If you are looking for inspiration in your home office and are thinking about adding a print to the wall, we encourage you to visit our online print store. To kick off 2021 right, we are offering a 25% OFF SALE on the entire store for January. All images are available on premium Luster Paper where you can frame it yourself or ready to hang as a metal print or canvas wrap. We hope that the prints we offer transform your world as much as they have transformed ours. Together, let's create a world that inspires us to do great things.

Sol Duc Falls - Olympic National Park

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