Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography gives you a lot of creative freedom. After all, you have so many elements to play within any given scene! Despite this flexibility, every landscape photographer will find that it's challenging to figure out how to place these elements so that the scene does not look cluttered; how to do justice to every element in the frame?

The answer to all your questions is simply this– composition of the photograph. With the help of landscape photography composition techniques, you can capture mesmerizing landscape photographs. We have come up with a couple of tips that will instantly make your photos stand out from the rest. Read to find out more.

Apply the Rule of Thirds

Have you often heard about this rule? Well, now is the time to use it. This rule doesn't spell out anything complex – all it says is that you have to place your subject off-center in your frame. This way, you pique the interest of the viewer.

To make it easier, you can use grid lines as a guide. You can either use grid lines at the top and bottom or left and right. Intersecting grid lines also help to compose and frame your photographs.

Use Leading Lines

There's nothing like using leading lines to draw attention to your landscape photograph right away. Any straight or curved line that leads to your subject is a leading line. The best part about leading lines is that they are everywhere; all you need to do is keenly observe the scene to find them and ultimately use them to shoot fantastic landscape photographs.

Frame the Frame

This is hands-down one of the most impressive landscape photography composition techniques. All you need to do is find a structure to create a frame within a frame. And you don't need to strain your eyes to look for one. Anything, like the branches of a tree, caves, rocks, bridges, doorways, or even windows, could work as perfect frames to give your landscape photographs an intriguing look.

Fill the Frame With Interesting Elements

One of the best ways to create impressive landscape photographs is to fill the frame with elements that are interesting and equally important. It would help if you challenged the common notion that landscape photography is all about mountain tops and lush greenery. Instead, try capturing other subjects such as flora and fauna, bringing out their best elements in your photographs.

Get Creative with the Point of View

Just because every person has captured a particular subject in a certain way does not mean you give in to it. You never know how changing something as simple as the point of view may result in a shot that's unlike anything that's ever been done. So instead of restricting your imagination, think out of the box. Use different landscape photography gear such as tabletop tripods to get a different, ultra-low angle. Or try capturing the subject from a height. In short, do whatever it takes to create a shot that no one's seen before.

Summing Up

If you have just begun your landscape photography journey, we're sure these landscape photography composition tips will help you a great deal. Do try out these simple tips to create stunning, beautiful landscape shots.

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