Fathers Day GIVEAWAY & Signature Edition Prints

Here for the Father's GIVEAWAY? I'm running that on my IG account and Facebook page -- look for the post from Sunday 5/24 ~3pm EST for instructions on how to enter. The GIVEAWAY is active from 3pm EST 5/24 until 5pm EST 5/29. What will you WIN? A one-of-a-kind signed print from the Fathers Day Signature Edition collection.

Here's a quick snapshot of the exclusive Father's Day Collection:

Why did I create this Father's Day Collection?

Well, as a new dad this year, I've gained a new perspective on what it means to be a father -- something I truly didn't understand in the past -- it's both the most rewarding and hardest thing at the same time.

It's incredible how in some of the toughest moments the slightest smile or snuggle into your chest makes all the challenges disappear and give you the recharged energy you need. While I've cherished these moments my journey is only starting and I know the slightest encouragement in the future will continue to recharge and give me the energy that I need.

So, how does that relate to this exclusive Father's Day Collection?

Well, I created a collection focused on some moments that recharged me over the years and as I look at these images and prints, they all find a way of giving me that little bit of energy and encouragement I need. I hope that for your dad, husband, or significant other they can do the same thing. To make it a little bit extra special I'll also be signing all of these prints so the giveaway is not just a timeless image but a signature edition print.

Interested in buying a print now? Head over to my Etsy store and place your order today. If you order one of the 4 Fathers Day Signature Edition prints AND WIN the GIVEAWAY, I'll reimburse you for your order!

I hope you're having a great start to your memorial day weekend!

Stay Safe,


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