Why I Love Digital Art & Composites

If you're looking for the punchline then here it is... “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” - Einstein

Why is this quote important to me and how does it explain my love for Digital Art & Composites? Well, simply put, with Photoshop you can create anything. Literally. All you need is an idea, a few stock images that support the idea, and some time and understanding of photoshop.

What can it look like? Anything. Yup. A good part of digital art gets pretty dark and morbid, but that's not really my style. Instead, I'm looking to create images that border on superrealism or scenes that could actually exist, even if some elements push a bit far into my imagination. Here's an idea of an image below where I combined a swimmer in the ocean with a library. I do have to disclose that this is not my original idea but one of my first digital art images where I wanted to push myself and learn a new technique.

If you're thinking, man that's cool how did you create that? Or, maybe you don't like the image, but are still interested in how I created it? Either way, I created a quick video below and will be sharing more of these in the future.

Now that you have the idea here are a few other examples of images I've created in the past few weeks since starting my journey in digital art. Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of things that you can create.

So what do I love about Digital Art and Composites? Well, a few things. First, you can actually create anything. AND you don't actually have to leave your house. Want to create a cool image of a Jeep on a trail near Mt. Everest? Want to create an image of a swimmer surrounded by Sharks? No, no one should create that. It scares the heck out of me, but, if that's what you want to create you absolutely can. Second, good digital art or composites reinforce all the same photography principals you use when shooting with your camera. Want to make a incredible composite? Pay attention to all the small details like direction of light and shadows. Interested in improving your photography? Pay attention to all the small details like direction of light and shadows. See where I'm going with this?

Digital Art & Composites has also really pushed me as an editor to hone my skills. Take color balance and color theory for instance. When you go out with your camera you are capturing a scene and this might not be something that comes to the top of your mind. When creating a composite this is something you can NOT avoid. You will often be combining images that are taken in totally different locations, at totally different times of day, and looks like a pile of crap when you first layer them together. As an editor you need to blend the image colors and tones together to create harmony throughout the image. That, at least, is what I try to do.

Pushing myself, whether physically or creatively, has always been something I've enjoyed doing as the journey is the destination. Seeing growth, progress and improvement over time is one of the most rewarding things I've learned through photography, and to me, Digital Art & Composites are another step in the journey.

Any special requests for a digital art piece or composite? Send them to me on Instagram @mikearonart by sending me a message!


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